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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Voice Services

Can I use my existing home phones?
Yes, but you will need an adaptor box called an ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptor). We generally use the Grandstream HT801 but there are quite a few others.

What about special VoIP phones?
There are many different types of VoIP phones including desktop and cordless ones. They will usually have many more features that the older analogue types. We generally use the Yealink SIP-T31P which costs about £45 but they go up to hundreds of pounds for a top-of-the-range device. For cordless ones we like the Gigaset range.

Can I make more than one call at a time?
Yes. If, say, you have two phones, you can make a call on one while the other is in use. They will both ring on incoming calls. This works with cordless ones too, which often surprises people.

Can I record calls?
Yes, the default setting on our service is that all calls are recorded; the recordings are deleted after a month but you can download ones you want to keep.

Can I get lists of calls made and received?
Yes, we send out a list of calls made in the last month so you can check your bill. You can download a list of incoming calls from your control panel or ask nicely and we'll do it.

Can I make emergency calls (999)?
Yes. Our VoIP service allows 999 calls; not all others do. The address passed to the emergency services is the one where your service is registered; if you make a call away from home or using a mobile app, the information sent will be incorrect so you will have to tell the service where you are.

What about security?
Like any computer system it is possible that VoIP servers could be hacked. In the past, security was often lax and you heard about people racking up huge bills on someone else's account. This is almost unheard of nowadays because of firewalling, strong passwords, encryption etc. Always keep your password safe. If your password is compromised it will only work with the particular phone registered with the system. As a last ditch, we limit the amount of calls per day to a certain monetary value which you can specify. If you think you've been hacked, let us know immediately.

Can I have lists of contacts?
Yes. You can have multiple lists on line and some phones can store them locally. On-line lists are available to all the phones on your account. Mobile apps can use the contact lists stored on your phone.

Which mobile apps are supported?
We support Bria, LinPhone, Zoiper, MicroSIP and Session Talk. Others are likely to work but may not be as easy to set up. Note that most are free but sometimes have paid-for enhancements. Video calls also work but there are some compatibility issues.

Can I run a PBX at home?
Absolutely. Because everything is digital, something as small as a Raspberry Pi has enough capacity to handle everything you might need. There is an application called FreePBX which does the job nicely.

What about a PBX in the Cloud?
Yes, for larger systems each phone can be considered as an extension and all the usual PBX features are available.

All connections have a voicemail facility. Messages can be sent to an email address or read via your phone or on-line.

Will you connect secondhand phones that I bought on eBay?
Yes, if they are on our list of supported devices. Note that there are a few VoIP phones that only work with proprietary systems such as IPECS (LG-Ericsson), SCCP (Cisco) and UNISTIM (old ones made by Nortel); don't buy those, just get ones that support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).