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Digital Voice services (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP)


Digital Voice (VoIP) is a way of making phone calls using an Internet connection rather than a mobile or fixed telephone network. This is similar to the way that Skype or WhatsApp carry traffic except that VoIP can connect to any telephone in the world. The Internet covers the world and provides a free-to-use service so it is not surprising that VoIP services are much less expensive than standard landlines or mobiles.

Why use VoIP?

The main reason is because it is much cheaper; our standard service costs £4.50 per month, you can add 2000 minutes of UK calls for another £4.50. Even if you don't take the bundled calls, the prices are low. For example, calls to UK landlines cost 0.75 p per minute and calls to mobiles cost 1.5p per minute. International calls are also very inexpensive - calls to Canada are 0.2p per minute. (Yes, cheaper than UK calls!)

The most common situation where VoIP is becoming popular is to replace a lightly-used landline. Many people have a landline but hardly use it; typically, it's only used by older relatives who are reluctant to call mobiles. You can switch to VoIP and transfer the old number, saving a lot of money especially on the tariff with no bundled calls. Special digital phones (desktop or cordless) are available or the existing analogue phones can be used with an adaptor. Another option which is becoming very popular is to have an app on your mobiles which handles the VoIP calls. No special telephones or adaptors are needed and you can make and receive calls anywhere that the mobile has an Internet connection.

Prices (including VAT)

Item Price
Basic Voice (Pay as you go) £4.50 per month
2000 UK minutes £4.50 per month
Transferring a landline number £17.25 one off
A new UK number £0.30 per month

Sample call charges

Type Price pence per minute
UK landline 0.75
UK mobile 1.5
USA 1.77
Canada 0.2
Germany (landline) 0.53
Australia (landline) 1.26

Note that call charges change frequently; please consult the latest list.