Countryside Broadband: High-Speed Internet Access for South Oxfordshire communities.

Welcome to Countryside Broadband

Your local Community Broadband Network Operator, providing lightning-fast, always-on Internet services, to both homes and businesses across the South Oxfordshire region.

With large pockets of the UK suffering from poor Broadband coverage, Countryside Broadband was set up to fill the availability 'not spots', awareness and customer service voids left by the larger operators. Staffed with volunteers and funded by its directors, we have been providing service to local residents for over 16 years.

The company has a number of key objectives:

  • to ensure that the costs are as kept as low as possible, so that it is affordable to all;
  • to develop our service to support the changing demands of our customers;
  • to provide an 'un-metered' service where customers are not charged for the time used or data consumed whilst connected, with a flat monthly fee;
  • to provide far superior, local customer service & support - more personal and responsive than larger players.

We are continually expanding our wireless service into new villages and hamlets where demand is present. We activate new areas with the installation of a small Relay in the locale and it's usually complete within a matter of weeks.

Whether your needs are simply a single connection to an existing PC, or you wish to create an advanced home / office network using the latest wireless technologies, Countryside Broadband has the expertise and commitment to support you.

Join us and experience a truly community-focused high-speed broadband service.

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