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High-speed Internet at an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.

The Community Solution

Our standard service is a flat-fee one operating at 25 Mbit/s at £36 per month, including VAT. A Service Activation Fee is also payable depending on your installation requirements and is typically between £54 and £200.

We can also offer higher speeds of 50 Mbit/s and 75 Mbit/s if the radio link is capable of supporting those rates.

Our system is built using low-power wireless technologies, at prices very similar to ADSL, but offering far better performance for many people living in rural areas.

Our main transmitter mast is situated on the landmark Woodcote Tower and over 10 wireless Relays cover the surrounding area.

Our Internet leased-line connection, or 'big pipe' comes from Reading via fibre optic cables and meets our network in Woodcote. This provides our resilient connection to Watchfront, our Internet Access partner.

To join the service you will require a property survey, at no charge or obligation, to assess local topological conditions and serviceability.

Should you decide to proceed, the physical installation requires a second visit and entails a small, unobtrusive aerial and receiver unit, typically sited at roof level and a wall-box mounted on an inside wall, with a cable running between. Mains Power is required near the wall outlet.

Nb. Our service does not use the telephone line. Some of our customers have given up their landline and use only mobile phones. This can represent a significant saving.

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